1. Why have a Bellymask made?

Pregnancy is truly a magical time in ones life. A Bellymask is a powerful work of art depicting the exact replica of your pregnant belly. Your child will marvel at your Bellymask, knowing that is where they spent the first 9 months of their life.

2. What is the best time to have a Bellymask?

Between 34-38 weeks is the optimal time to cast your Bellymask, to capture the fullest shape of your pregnancy. However, some women choose to cast 3 Bellymasks, one in each trimester, to capture the gradual growth of their baby.

3. How long does it take?

The actual Bellymasking process takes about 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the pose one chooses. The "completed" Bellymask is ready for pick up and display with in 2 weeks.

4. Do I have to be nude during the casting?

It is recommended that no clothing be worn above the waist, as the outline of the garment will be seen in the Bellymask.

5. Are the products used safe?

All the products used in the casting process are safe and non-toxic. A "natural" gel is also used to cover ones body which allows the release of the plaster once it is set.

6. What is included in the cost?

The price includes the actual casting of the Bellymask, minor sanding (if required), an application of a white strengthening agent as well as hangers fixed to the back of the Bellymask so it is ready for display.

7. What is the cost of a Bellymask?

    • Belly only...$60.00
    • Breasts and belly...$100.00
    • Breasts, belly, shoulders or tops of thighs...$120.00
    • Full torso...$140.00
    • Hand added...extra $30.00 per hand

The cost of painting or decorating a Bellymask starts at $50.00. Tax is included in pricing.

Deluxe DIY Bellymask kits are available for $60.00. The kit includes 5 rolls of superior plaster gauze, drop sheet, releasing agent, gesso, paint brush, cloth hangers. wire, easy to follow instruction and a onesie for baby. All this is packaged in a beautiful hand sewn organza bag.

Gift certificates of any denomination are available also for gift giving.

8.What do I do with my Bellymask?

Most mothers like to hang their Bellymask in the childs nursery, though it can be hung as art anywhere it will be enjoyed the most. As your child grows they can share in the amazement of where their life started out.

9.Will it hurt my baby?

No. The baby can still move around, in fact, sometimes a "wrinkle" will occur in the Bellymask as the baby moves about, thus taking part in the Bellymasking process itself !! If concerned, check with your doctor or midwife at your next appointment.

10.Where is the Bellymask done?

The Bellymasking session can take place in either my home studio or in the comfort of your own home. I strive to make the Bellymasking experience a special time to honor yourself,by creating a spa-like experience complete with candles, flowers, music, bottled water and of course chocolates.