"I had the belly mask done in aug 2003 and my son's hand and foot done a couple months later. I feel that there is nothing more sexy than a woman's pregnant body. I personally am proud to hang my belly mask in my bedroom for everyone to see. I think that is not just a memorable souvenir but a piece of art which is amazing to look at. I love it and am so glad I have it. "

yours truly, Terah Barron.

"My belly masking experience with Patricia was fabulous. She has a wonderful way of creating an atmosphere of comfort and friendship while creating very intimate and personal artwork. One particularly amazing part of the bellycast was being able to see the imprint of Nolan. Patricia created a masterpiece in capturing the essence of our son in my womb! Thank-you for this experience and lasting impression! "


"Getting my belly casted when I was pregnant with my first one Bianca was the best thing I did! It is such a joy for me to look at it everyday whenever I go into her bedroom and be reminded of what a miracle she is! Patricia made us feel really comfortable through the whole experience, and now that I am pregnant with my second one I can't wait to get it done again. So see you in a few months Patricia! I would recommend this to every pregnant woman out there, it is really an amazing experience and you are left with a treasure of a memory."

Katia Castagno (North Vancouver, January 2006)

“......I love my belly cast so much that I would like another done as I am 7 and a half months pregnant with my daughter inside my tummy now! I always get so many compliments on Dayton's belly cast and lots of questions..how do they do that, is it expensive and hard to get it done.....lots of intrigue......I love it and I'm very happy with my beautiful belly cast....thank you very much for your creative gifts that you are sharing with moms all over!”